If you can help promote the project or if you are in or involved with My Chemical Romance, please, we are begging you, CONTACT US!

Hello everybody! So I had this idea. It might be a little crazy, but in the words of Mr. Mikey Way, "If you have an idea, no matter how crazy it is, just go for it."

My idea is to do sort of a #SINGitforJapan type thing, but make it different. I would like the MCRmy to be able to record a special version of Cancer, and all of the proceeds could go to either the Make A Wish foundation or towards cancer research. Not only does it show that we truly care about cancer patients, but it shows we're still a family.

Right now our goal is to get the guys to notice the page and hopefully be able to help us out in some way. It would be so amazing if you guys could help with that! Send them the URL on twitter or something. Anything helps <3

We love you all!
~S, J, & E

30th August 2011

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Here is a painting I did for you guys! I hope it’s good enough for you guys :)

Edit: Thank you so much, we love it!


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